Protect America's Future

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What can I do to protect America’s future? This essay topic had been stuck in my head since the first time I thought of it. Protecting America’s future? In what way? Protecting the economic growth of our Nations future? Protecting our children and our nation’s leaders, or protecting America’s culture? I may not be an American citizen, but I do have a voice in America’s future. One fact I really like about America is liberty that everyone has here. The liberty that allows people to do what their heart desires, but some people use the liberty they have in America in the wrong way at times. President Abraham Lincoln once said, America will never be destroyed from the outside, but if we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves within. I think there is some truth in Mr. Lincoln’s words, because according to the news I have heard; a high school boy was suffered multiple wounds from a folding knife that was used by the other boy because the two bumped in the cafeteria and words were exchanged. In my opinion, it seems that more American teenagers have more of a violent life here in America then what I have experienced in my native country Thailand. Reading various news articles about teenagers here in America it seems that more and more times teenagers have fights that led to murder more often than not. I think schools, in every degree should pay attention and educate more Americans on the subject, and try to help decrease the manner that people will regret what they have done after they have done something bad. Parents as a rule don’t want their child to be aggressive, and careless. A good role model is one of the important things adults can do to help develop good teenage behavior. To form a good behavior for teen, parents should perceive what or whom their kids admire and whether it’s in his/her better interest, or
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