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Good vs. Evil Protagonist Essay 12/11/2012 Yuriana Villegas | Good vs. Evil In a faraway city named Dims dale, Metropolis, lived a nice, behaved, young teen, which is named Alexander Da Vinci. His parents are the richest of them all, in the city. Alexander’s father Mr. Da Vinci is a mad scientist who spends 90% of the time in his lab. He does not spend that much time with his son. Alexander’s mother Mrs. Longoria Celesta Da Vinci is a beautiful, nice, outgoing, and a smart woman. Alexander is like his mother smart, loving, outgoing, loves playing video games, hanging out with his friends, and most of all playing football his favorite sport. Alexander lived an ordinary life, until one day, an experiment his father was working on became a nightmare. It all began one night; Mr. Da Vinci was in his lab working on an experiment, putting in all the ingredients he needed for the experiment mixing everything up. Mr. Da Vinci moved to the side to get Chemical 89PHP, he accidently knocked over Chemical X into the pot where he was mixing the ingredients. Chemical X’s reaction to all the chemicals inside the pot, made a huge massive explosion inside Mr. Da Vinci’s lab. Mr. Da Vinci was pushed to the wall. Mr. Da Vinci said to himself, “What have I created?!” Mr. Da Vinci wanted to destroy the experiment as soon as possible, but he couldn’t, the experiment got away; Mr. Da Vinci named the experiment Vladimir 230. It was too late for him to go running and get Vladimir 230, he knew that Vladimir will, someday come back and destroy Dims Dale, Metropolis. Three years passed, Alexander is now in his senior year in High School. One day, Alexander was speaking with his father about inventing a robot. Alexander has been waiting years to tell his father about what he’s been waiting to invent. Alexander told his dad; “Dad, may you help me with an invention I want to do?”

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