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Group Presentation Outline I. INTRO: A. Cell phones have become a necessity for all people throughout the world. Almost everyone has one. Even some children have cell phones. Wireless providers make it affordable to have more lines on one plan. I have had a cell phone since I turned fifteen. Cell phones have come a long way since then. I think that cell phones are a great thing for the world and help society in many ways. B. In 1983 Motorola released the first portable cell phone. Those phones were huge and mostly in luxury cars. The cell phones in the 80s were 1st generation. The ones in the 90s are 2nd generation, the ones in 00s are 3rd generation, and now we have the 4g. The phones just keep advancing just like technology. Now that I talked about the history lets go over with the pros and cons of cell phones in the world. Lets Begin II. BODY A. There are a lot of good and bad things about cell phones. No matter how many bad things we find though I am sure we would all still have a cell phone. The best thing about a cell phone is the safety. You can just make a call quick and easy without running to a phone line. If you see a traffic accident you can instantly report it. This is a very bad thing for all those serial killers out there who like to cut phone lines. B. Instant access to email, driving directions ( GPS ), calling people, and taking pictures people all use their cell phones for. Most phones today have it all in one. It is convenient for all people. Text messaging is one of the most popular things a cell phone does. If someone wants to tell you a simple thing and they don’t feel like making the call. Its just way easier to send them a message. Helps also people who are deaf, they rely on text messaging to communicate. C. Text messaging can also be a bad thing. Many driving accidents they are cause by text messaging and talking on

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