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Protagonist Marcus Brutus is the protagonist of the subplot of the play. He is a noble man who believes in his principles above all else, even when they are misguided. Believing that Rome will be better without Julius Caesar, he joins in the conspiracy to assassinate the Roman leader. After Caesar is killed, he is drawn into a bloody civil war in which he and Cassius must fight Antony and Octavius. Antagonist The key antagonist for Brutus is his own misguided sense of principle. He is certain that he is joining in the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar for the good of Rome. His tragic flaw is his idealism. He makes the fatal mistake of acting on his perceived public duty, to save Rome from Caesar, in direct conflict with the direction of his heart. Brutus is easily goaded on by Cassius, a master manipulator who is filled with envy and hungry for power. Brutus is so caught up in fulfilling his public destiny that he does not realize he has been manipulated into sacrificing his honor for a less-than-honorable cause. During the civil war that follows Caesar's death, Brutus fools himself into believing that that Rome will still be a better place without the leadership of Caesar. When he realizes that the new Roman Triumvirate, composed of Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus, will be more dictatorial and tyrannous than Caesar, he realizes his own folly. He decides to end his own life by running on to his own sword. Climax Brutus' climax occurs when he realizes the futility of his actions, caused by his misguided principles. Personally shamed and defeated and horrified at what has happened to Rome, he decides in the fifth act to commit suicide. Outcome The subplot ends as a tragedy, like the main plot. Brutus is defeated by his own principles and takes his own life, ending the tragedy that began with the death of

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