Prostitution Slavery Essay

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Prostitution Slavery Could you believe that there are children young as nine years old working in the sex industry? Trafficking of women and children is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Children young as nine years old are snatched up on the streets and forced into prostitution. Once children and women come into the sex industry they can not leave it anytime they want to. They are either thrown out of the sex industry, killed or die from sickness and diseases. If the United States would safeguard its borders it would not only help minimize trafficking of women and children, but even slow down illegal immigrants. United States needs to persuade other governments that allow prostitution to make it illegal. In countries where prostitution is legalized, the trafficking of women and children is increased. Worldwide governments need to safeguard their borders to stop illegal trafficking of women and children who are forced into the sex industry. United Nations has reported that about twelve million people are forced into the sex industry and forced labor around the world. Its been reported in sixteen cities including Philadelphia where trafficking of women and children reach up to three hundred thousand. Many thousands of children who are trafficked are between nine to seventeen years of age. These young girls give go into prostitution so they can be fed, get shelter and other necessary things to survive. The biggest customers to child prostitution are mostly married men who have children of their own. Richard J. Estes said that about three hundred thousand to four hundred thousand children are victims of pornography, prostitution and different types of commercial sex. Richard J. Estes, a social-work professor claims that “Child sexual exploitation is the most hidden for of child abuse in North America today. It is the national’s least
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