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I know that when we say prostitution , we have a lot of common notions that come into our minds . Some of us may instantly think of hooker in skimpy clothes and high heels . For others they would picture a pimp trying to book a costumer for her hoe . Even for others , an image of a strip joint with half naked women dancing and swinging around a strip poles while men clipping money on their g-strings may even come into mind . In so many circumstances that we even begin to think about prostitution , I 'm pretty sure , chances are slim to none , that people could ever see prostitutes as victims of life , circumstance , society and their very own occupation . I 'm pretty sure most of us who ever had to take time out of our busy lives to ever think about what goes on in a life of a prostitute would rather consider them a victims of their own wrong doing . This is why for most people prostitution is a victimless crime where in prostitutes are only prone to abuse , because they have voluntarily put themselves in that situation to gain money and power through it . Contrary to popular beliefs , most prostitutes did not choose their occupation . According to Catharine A . MacKinnon in her book "Liberalism and the Death of Feminism '[In the past , we had a women 's] movement which understood that the choice to be beaten by one man for economic survival was not a real choice , despite the appearance of consent a marriage contract might provide .Yet now we are supposed to believe , in the name of feminism , that the choice to be fucked by hundreds of men for economic survival must be affirmed as a real choice , and if the woman signs a model release there is no coercion there " Couldn 't we agree more that if a person sincerely had a choice , he or she would chose to have the best option presented ? Believe me , the hazards that

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