Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution Definition The definition of prostitution would generally be one of the professions that are practiced since the antediluvian time until today. The word prostitute originated from a Latin word of the 16th century in which it signifies open for sales (Oxford University Press, 2011). The precise meaning of prostitution is the act of trading one’s body for a certain value, either in form of monetary value, favors or other exchangeable values (US Licit, 2011). With marginal differences, legal definition of prostitution is far more complicated and varies across different nations as the introduction of escort accommodation has created an intricate cover for prostitution to be “legalized”. For example, in some countries that forbid prostitution, one with the slightest involvement with prostitution is guilty under their statute. By the slightest involvement, it signifies that those who help and consequence in the transpiring of prostitution activity are bound to be guilty under the state’s statute. For instances, provide the premises, provide the prostitutes or even persuading someone to join the profession of prostitution (US Licit, 2011). Another law section that is linked to the profession of prostitution is the Federal Mann Act, which prohibits the transport of any individuals interstate or internationally for prostitution purport or any reason that would be a crime under the local’s statute (Kuo L., 2002). There are a lot of arguments, debates and issues arising since the first prostitution statute were enacted as there are advantages and disadvantages to various parties in both legalizing and making prostitution a crime. For example, the nation with a legalized prostitution profession has a lot more extra revenue and prostitutes are regarded as their national treasure in generating revenue. History Prostitution is commonly known as the world’s

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