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Prostitution “Prostitution is a crime-- or is it a business? Its practitioners are victims-- or are they entrepreneurs? They’re oppressed—or are they rulers of their own density?”(Sloan). Prostitution is a business that has been in practiced for a long time. This type of business is currently illegal in the United States, except in certain parts of Nevada. This multi-billion dollar business has been a big problem in the United States. Besides the moral issues surrounding prostitution, many people see how some of the people controlling the business are sometime mobsters or criminals living off some of these women. These moral issues surrounding prostitution has made it difficult to come up with legislation in order to legalize prostitution. We should try to cope with the fact that prostitution still exists in many parts of the world and the proceeds, in money, that some states or countries are receiving from legalizing prostitution is a great way in getting more tax money. By legalizing prostitution society would be able to regulate this type business and turn this business that we believed was bad into something positive for society. According to Klinger, if a man or woman wants to work as a prostitute “in the oldest profession” then they (prostitutes) should have the freedom to do as they want with their bodies. The issue of prostitution is a big problem in the United States. I feel like we waste so much time and money on prostitution and we are still not getting any positive results. One problem in our community is the perception that people have with prostitutes as someone that is bad or is a bad influence. The belief that most prostitutes carry STD’s, is the result of the negative belief we have in them. The truth is that not all of them carry STD’s or AIDS, according to research this is not always the case with most prostitutes. What some

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