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Prostitution, as defined by the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, means “the act or practise of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations with a person, especially for money.” There are several types of prostitution, the basic one being reported is a large growing industry, that is evident in our streets. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions and had first began in 2400 BCE#. It is believed that when immigrant men leave their wives with nothing and no money, this may lead them into direction of becoming a prostitute because they are desperate. However it became more common in world war one. The drastic increase of prostitutes took place because of the rare employment of women. The prostitution industry began to slowly deteriorate as world war two approached. It had began to deceased in the amount of women going into the industry because of more job opportunities#. Prostitution can have many downfalls due to health risks. Since you are providing sexual service to whomever, you never no who may have a severe disease. Both the male and the female put themselves at a very high risk, because prostituting can be extremely dangerous. Each individual that goes to a prostitute may pick up some kind of disease, whether it may be as common as a cold or as severe as receiving STDS/AIDS which have no cure. Others may suffer from these disease if that male/female decides to sleep with his/her girlfriend or boyfriend, thus spreading the diseases#. Prostitution does occur for several reasons but the foremost reason is how women are portrayed in society as “sex slaves”. Prostitution in my opinion is a very common profession and is established in a lot of countries. It is a proven statistic that over 10,000 people in Canada are involved in prostitution aspects. It has become a very easy way of making money. There is a very close tie between the genders about 52% are female

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