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Latifa Jettel English 111-23 Dr.Dickinson April 25, 2008 Your Body Is Your Temple I believe that prostitution should not be legalized. Prostitution regarded as sex and sexual services for money (Prostitution and HIV/AIDS). It is very degrading to women, men and children. There are many health risk associated with prostitution; such as spreading STDS and HIV. Prostitutes are often emotionally and physically abused by their pimps and sometimes johns. Prostitutes have always been an easy target for rapist and serial killers. Young runaways are often forced and coerced into prostitution. Some prostitutes are drug addicts supporting their addiction. A lot of drug dealers use prostitution profits toward drug trade. I saw a story on A&E about a 14 year old runaway that was coerced into prostitution by an older male drug dealer she met on the streets. After prostituting for a few weeks she was unhappy and decided to call it quits. Her pimp was furious and murdered her in his basement and dumped her body in a ditch. This was a cold case for a few years before it was solved. With DNA evidence and eye witness testimony of the pimps’ seven year old son, the case was finally solved. The boy was only five at the time when he witnessed his father kill the young prostitute. He described in vivid detail how his father cut off the young girls’ fingers. Stories like that break my heart and confirm that prostitution can be deadly. A lot of women are forced in prostitution, it is not always a choice. Here are some staggering statistics on prostitution: * “Eleven o’clock is feeding time in Center City,” Philadelphia * Inquirer, 26 May 199 19 There are approximately 1 million prostituted women in North America, or 1% of women in North America are involved in prostitution.1 * An estimated 600,000 children under 18 are involved in prostitution

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