Prostitution Essay

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Prostitution for the People Prostitution is the practice of trading sexual acts for payment. It has been around as long as human history dates back. The prostitutes in Ancient Greece sometimes became very influential members of society and were required to pay taxes. One form of the prostitutes of Asia were considered artists, makers of music, poetry, dance, and calligraphy. During the Middle Ages, prostitution was tolerated because it was held to prevent the greater evils of rape, sodomy, and masturbation. There were even angels of sacred prostitution in religious folklore, who were meant to sleep with the archangel Samael. ( “In fact, the concept of selling sex is not unique to humans. Usually monogamous, Adelle Penguins occasionally have sex with other penguins in exchange for stones for nest building. Bonobo chimpanzees, with which humans share 98.5% of our genetic makeup, are also known to trade sex for food.” (ActNow) Yet, it is still considered such a taboo. Whether we like it or not, the sex industry is very large and very lucrative- well, for those individuals connected with it, at least. The only sort of financial gain the American government acquires is when a prostitute or ‘customer’ is caught and fined, and that does not happen all that often. People have become wise to traps and know how to sneak around to get what they want, so very few cases of prostitution are actually discovered. Countries like Canada, the Netherlands, both Central and South America, Israel, and Australia have taken it upon themselves to change this in order to benefit themselves: they have made prostitution a legal and taxable profession. The only state within the United States to implement this idea is Nevada, but perhaps this will change within the next couple of years. Certainly, most people do not like the idea of prostitution. But the simple fact is, if

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