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The Worlds’ Oldest Profession Prostitution is the act of providing sexual services in exchange for money; has existed in society longer than many realize. It is commonly referred to as the worlds’ oldest profession, prostitution dates back to biblical times. The issue at hand is not whether the act of prostitution is immoral; but rather, is prostitution a crime? Is it a crime when two consenting adults have sex? Why should the fact that money has been exchanged in return for sexual services make the act a crime? The attempt to suppress prostitution has been made for centuries; however, the profession not only remains but also continues to thrive. Only through the legalization of prostitution are we then better able to control other crimes that are closely associated. Prostitutes may be female or male or transgender and prostitution may entail heterosexual or homosexual activity. A common misconception of prostitution is that a significant majority of prostitutes are women. While women's prostitution is far more easily talked about, male homosexual prostitution has existed alongside female heterosexual prostitution at least since the time of the ancient Greeks, but it is rarely discussed or studied. Nearly all of prostitution, however, serves the sexual needs of men; very little prostitution serves women of any class. Even prostitution, often considered a female crime, is essentially a male-dominated or controlled criminal enterprise. Police, pimps, businessmen who employ prostitutes, and clients, virtually all of whom are male, control, in various ways, the conditions under which the prostitute works. (Vedder 2007) Female prostitution tends to be hierarchical and male dominated. At the top are call girls, available by appointment through a madam or a high-class male pimp. Male prostitutes, like their female counterparts, work in a range of related areas, such as

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