Prostituition Essay

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Have you ever stopped to think about the number of prostitutes that are in the United States? Well, in the United States there is an estimated 3 million known prostitutes. As long as there are men and women on earth, there will be some form of sexual interactions between the two. Prostitution, also known as the “oldest trade in the world,” is a form of paying someone for sexual interaction. (Toh) Not to be confused with human trafficking, prostitution is done willingly where as sex trafficking is done against a persons will. Prostitution has been a very controversial issue in the United States and many states have even made it illegal. The 2011 Merriam-Webster Online dictionary defined prostitution as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations epically for money. (Prostitution) The first known act of prostitution dates back to the Aztecs. The Aztecs legalized the Cihuacalli, also known as the house of women, where women provided sexual services to men. (Toh) In Paris during the late 19th centaury prostitutes were referred to as demimondes. A demimonde defined by Merriam-Webster Online as a class of women on the fringes of respectable society supported by wealthy lovers. (Demimonde) They were known for their extravagant sense of fashion and their luxurious lifestyles provided for by their lovers. Demimondes were often the subject of many books during this time. One of the more famous demimondes of the time was Cora Pearl. She had several wealthy lovers over the years as a demimonde. She was most famous for bathing before her dinner guest in a silver tub of champagne. (Mahon) During the 30’s, which was known as the progressive era, prostitution was very prominent. The number of prostitutes was on the rise due to the fact that there was a lack of legitimate jobs available because of the economy. (Allen) Prostitution was such an issue during this

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