Prospero - a Good Father or a Bad One?

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Prospero: A good or bad father? The father figure is a rapidly changing position and in modern society, it is portrayed in many different ways. I think there are key qualities that are very important to create a good father. For me, an inspirational father is a good father, someone who encourages and supports their children and gives them those dreams and aspirations. I also think that however different individual fathers may be all share one powerful, vital aspect: The love for their child. Even though a 16th century father would be very different to a modern father, I should think that both possess this quality of love. Prospero seems a loving man, dedicated to his daughter, Miranda and would give anything to make her happy. When telling Miranda about her past, Prospero describes her as a “Cheribin” that made him truly happy. In dark, dreary times it was Miranda, who kept Prospero going, she did “Preserve” him. These words show that Miranda really was of the highest importance to Prospero, the flame of his fire. Miranda appears to be an essential component of Prospero’s life. This dedication and love are brilliant qualities that a good father should have. Conversely, Prospero treats Caliban appallingly, freely insulting him and not realizing Caliban has emotions. As soon as Prospero arrived as an outcast of Milan, he seized the island from Caliban, who believes his mother owns right to the island. In Shakespeare’s writing, Caliban is depicted as a disfigured, evil being with a unpleasant, vulgar personality. Maybe, Caliban himself is not responsible for his foul behavior, and it is brought on by how he has been mistreated and misunderstood. It might be Prospero’s mistakes and violent words towards Caliban reasoned only on his dishonorable birth to Sycorax and the Satan. I think Prospero is very disrespectful of Caliban’s rights to the island and

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