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Prospectus Review and Fundamental Analysis | | Prepared December 3, 2009 | CRITIQUE CONTENT The prospectus provides sufficient information to make an investment decision. There is comprehensive information provided on the industry as a whole, an enormous amount of information on the corporation itself including its structure, history, strengths and competition. The Growth strategy is helpful; however it would be useful to see a strategic plan in the prospectus detailing how the company plans to reduce its considerably high long term debt. PRESENTATION The material presented in the prospectus is generally readable and understandable for most people. Aside from the financials, the information is presented in a manner that most laypeople would understand. Although the prospectus is 183 pages long, making use of the table of contents will allow a prospective investor the ability to find the specific information they are looking for quickly. STRENGTHS OF THE PROSPECTUS * Comprehensive – the information provided is very complete. * Easy to read – written in a manner that many investors will be able to understand. * Benchmark analysis * There is an excellent history of the company including the current structure and management style. * There appears to be full, true and plain disclosure of the material facts relating to the security. * Many levels of due diligence confirming the information presented. There is confirmation from Price Waterhouse Coopers (the auditor), the many underwriters as well as the management and board of directors from Dollarama. * Increased Prestige – For Dollarama, the fact that the company is not public gives it more visibility and enables them to obtain a larger market for their goods. WEAKNESSES OF THE PROSPECTUS * Length -The sheer

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