Prose And Kahns Essay

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Prose and Kahns? Having recently read the article “ Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” (Amy Chua, 2011), I began to think about the methods she used to create these prodigies and virtuosos. Cold calculated decisions are often rational but always inhumane. Not to say that pampering your child is any better, it can actually be worse. Americans have a standard of living that is considered lavish and wasteful by other countries. Most Americans are impulsive, ignorant, and hot headed. But it’s hard to think about something like this in such a broad scope. From either side you could say the other is wrong, but you can also say that everybody is right. “What Chinese parents understand is that nothing is fun until you're good at it.” (Chua, 2011) With this kind of mentality one could easily see that hard work is just a means to an end. Americans have the exact opposite outlook, most would believe the fun is in getting good at something. The Chinese are programmed to think in the physical realm, they all share the same train of thought. Uniformity and normalcy are the desired outcomes for the strict regimen they endure. They want them to be the best, but don’t stand apart from your peers. To keep an average appearance and maintain proper manners, these are drilled in from the inception of the training. The market over there is poor and actual people in china have to make their presence known to ever be accepted into any sort of academic or business position. China has 1.3 billion people, to put it in perspective, the entire Earth has 6.6 billion people. With overcrowding like this no wonder Chinese mothers are strict. If you weren’t this tough people would think you didn’t care about your child’s future and that you wanted them to end up as a janitor. Given the circumstances the end more than justifies the means. On the other side of the world, Americans take a
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