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Pros of Using Computers to Work Essay

  • Submitted by: JasonMok
  • on January 27, 2014
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What has computer brought to the world? The presence the computers command in the current market has brought the fact that the machines have become an asset in the way people live in the world today. The use of computers is spread across all lifestyles mentioning the improvement in the rendering of better work in terms of the speed and accuracy. However, computer as a technology is faulted by the mere fact that the use is environmentally harmful adducing the waste produced by the continued use of the machines. Moreover, the use of computers has advanced from the past notion of the gadget being luxurious into a need that forces the world to rely constantly on their availability. The use of this gadget has increased the need to purchase the instrument since it gives the user more features that they make the individuals do a colossal amount of work in the fashion they need the machines to do the work. The fact that the computers do as the user commands gives the device an upper hand in the functional management of work, business among other uses. The computers have proven a daily use periphery, which has its own advantages (Wenglinsky, 2005). While using the computer might have its cons, the perquisites it comes with surpass the disadvantages that may be in the process of using one.

The computer is a learning instrument in the society where the use has changed the classroom in terms of research and work in the modern schools. The use of the computers has reduced the use of paper work translating to the reduced amounts of paperwork in the classroom and staffrooms. In most cases, the work done on the machines is stored within giving better storage of the class work as compared to the old ways where the work done was very vulnerable to the natural laws (Richardson et al, 2005). Moreover, the convenience the work has seen in this technologically advancing world is another in favor of what manifests itself in the working system. The...

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