Pros of Social Media Essay

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Twitter, MySpace and Facebook are two of the best known names in social networking sites. There are many others, but these two have led the pack and will continue to do so for some time yet. There are great things to be said for social networking sites including the fact that they improve the relationships we have with friends and family. Here are some of the ways that social networking sites have improved our relationships with friends and family members: Long Distance - When you live long distances away from your family and friends, social networking sites allow you to keep in closer contact. You can share pictures, videos, chat with each other or simply post updates so family and friends can see what you have been up to. This is especially helpful with soldiers who have been deployed. These social networking sites make it much easier for friends and family to stay in touch on a daily basis than ever before, even from around the world. More Communication - Social networking sites allow us to communicate much more with people than ever before. We can talk to friends and family while we work or without leaving our homes. If you want to sit in your pj’s and have a heart to heart talk with someone, you can do so. You can use social networking sites to talk to people during the day or in the wee hours of the morning. Social networking sites keep us from having limits on the amount of time that we spend socializing with our friends and family. Even if that person isn't online, you can still communicate to them. They will get the message whenever they log in and respond to you. All at Once - Anyone on your friends list can see what you post for public view. That means that you will be able to contact everyone at once without having to repost. Everyone can view your photos that you want to share or your videos on social networking sites. They can comment on them as
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