Pros & Cons of Social Networking; Business & Entertainment.

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Pros & cons of social networking; Business & Entertainment. 1) (+) Groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in the job market use social media as an alternative and new opportunity to participate in the business world. Furthermore, they get access to professional and technical knowledge/expertise that would otherwise not be available to them. Online support groups have allowed African entrepreneurial women to enter the business world. (-) Divert focus/distraction from ordinary and daily tasks. For example when a user receives a notification, a message or even a tweet and checks it, it takes them 20 to 25 minutes on average to return to their original task. And if often takes 2 hours for the user to fully return attention to the original task. 2) (+) Social media has become integrated in hiring strategies; in fact employees and employers who use social media for hiring and job seeking have had better results. This allows tailored/personalized searches/results, + less expensive b/c no need for external recruiting consultants. Job seekers need not move but have access to job markets thru social media from home. (-) Social media mixes professional competence and standing with personal and private profile compromising job stability and potential employment opportunities. Recruiters often check the profiles of their potential employees and change their mind because of inappropriate content and sometimes current employees get fired for the same reason. 3) (+) Social networking has become a key revenue-generating sector of the economy. This new sector is booming thanks to a new series of products and services but also thanks to a new set of marketing tools and different strategies namely communication and collaboration within staff allowing an increased productivity. (-) Social media is an easy and accessible distraction at work, from
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