Pros and Cons of Wireless Technolgy

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One of the major innovations that has accompanied the rapid expansion of the Internet has been wireless internet. Wi-Fi has made it possible to connect to the Internet nearly everywhere. However, along with its advantages, Wi-Fi has its disadvantages. The major advantage of Wi-Fi is the fact that users don't need to be physically connected with the router in order to access the Web. Besides eliminating much of the need for extensive wiring and dedicated work stations. Wi-Fi systems can also be much less expensive to set up, since the main cost is in the wiring to the main router. The transmission speed for Wi-Fi networks can also be slow, especially for users located far away from the router. The signal is also subject to interference, especially during bad weather. Cell phones have become the gadget to have in the business world, a cell phone used for business purposes has become a status symbol as much as a functional communication device for employees on the go. One benefit of a business cell phone is increased productivity, which benefits the business as well as the employee who does not have to return to his physical office space to connect with clients while working at another site or traveling. Business cell phones are an effective way to stay in touch with your employees. Yet business cell phones have some drawbacks. Camera phones can be a security issue with confidential documents and papers, and conducting business on your cell phone while driving and a accident occurs the company is liable. Cell phones are very important in creating a more productive working environment. The quick response, the availability of the Internet, and the editing abilities that most PDA’s offer far outweigh the

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