Pros and Cons of Using Anabolic Steroids

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The Pros and Cons of Using Anabolic Steroids Author: Jesua Condon BIOL 400 (2 credit hours) Instructor: Mr. McGlaughlin 6/09/10 Anabolic Steroids have been the subject of debate for many years. They tend to receive less attention than other illicit drugs and they are not a primary focus in many drug prevention programs. These are only a couple of factors which make Anabolic Steroids somewhat of a mystery to mainstream society. This lack of attention creates the opportunity to look more closely at both the beneficial and harmful aspects of Anabolic Steroids. This article will provide a broad overview of Anabolic Steroids and discuss the pros and cons of their use. Among the topics covered will be: a brief history of Anabolic Steroids, usage trends in athletes, physical and psychiatric effects, the relationship between Anabolic Steroids and other illicit drug use, and current medical uses of the drug. History of Testosterone and Anabolic Steroids: An Overview Testosterone is more than a “male sex hormone”. (1) It is an important contributor to the robust metabolic functioning of multiple bodily systems. (2) Testosterone has several positive effects on sexual function, but its most significant effect is on libido, sexual interest, and arousal. Boys going through puberty develop an enhanced interest in sex as a consequence of rising levels of testosterone. (2) Testosterone was first isolated in 1935. It is a four-ring cyclic compound composed of 19 carbon atoms, produced from cholesterol. After its discovery, testosterone was found to be inactive when taken orally and rapidly inactivated by the liver when injected. Synthetic derivatives (Anabolic Steroids), made by modifying the testosterone molecule, have enhanced bioavailability and activity. Currently available anabolic-androgenic steroids are
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