Pros And Cons Of Truman

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U.S. President Harry Truman’s decision to help Israel become a sovereign country has many pros and cons. Nazis had oppressed Jews for several years, and when they were finally liberated, the U.N. felt they deserved to have a country of their own. The president’s studies of the Bible influenced him to believe that the Jews should immigrate to Palestine and divide it so that the surviving Jews can have their own sovereign country, Israel. However, this choice has advantages and disadvantages, as one might expect. One disadvantage to Truman’s decision to support Israel in becoming a sovereign country is that U.S. relations with the Arabs can be affected. Also, creating a partition in Palestine in order to create a country for Jews would cause anti-Americanism. Another con to helping Israel become a sovereign country is that it would require U.S. troops to enforce the partition. This would decrease the number of troops standing by that the U.S needs to have. Not only that, but the partition violates both U.S. and U.N principles of self-determination. An additional disadvantage is that there is a possibility of Soviet penetration of the region…show more content…
Why did President Truman choose to side with Israel and not the Arabs even though there are numerous disadvantages? Most likely, he felt compassionate for the Jews because of the tragedies they had experienced and wanted to help them. Also, Truman stated that he decided to support the Jews instead because he has to “answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism”, while he does not have as many Arabs among his constituents. He prefers to support Israel, as it would gain him more favor than it would if he were to help the Arabs. In the end, Truman sided with Israel and helped them become a sovereign country because he believed that the benefits of the choice outweighed the
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