Pros And Cons Of The Nra

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In November of 1871, William Conant Church and George Wood Wingate established the National Rifle Association on Long Island, New York. The first president was a Civil War Union Army General named Ambrose Burnside. Also known as the NRA, it is a nonprofit organization created to protect the Second Amendment to the Bill Of Rights, which gives all citizens the right to bear arms. It promotes many gun-related things such as: weapon safety, ownership rights, marksmanship, self-defense, and the protection of hunting. It sponsors training courses, marksmanship events, and volunteer groups. With over four million members, the NRA claims to be “the single most powerful lobbying organization in the United States.” The NRA goes straight to the top with their…show more content…
In 2005, voters in San Francisco and California, approved “Proposition H,” which banned the sale, manufaction and distribution of guns and ammunition within the city. One day after the approval, the NRA filed a lawsuit in order to reverse the ban saying it overstepped local government authority. Months later, a Superior Court Judge sided with the NRA and nullified the ban. Instances like this have been seen across the nation further illustrating the power of the NRA. The issue on the sale of firearms is a highly disputed one. There are those that believe weapons should be completely banned, undoubtedly resulting in a decrease in crime and murder. However, to those who love to hunt and shoot skeet, this would be extremely unfair. Many people rely on guns as self-defense, never causing unjust harm. It is a debate that has no right answer, and two justifiable sides. Gun-lovers need the NRA to stand up for their rights yet those opposed to it are just looking for a safer America. Pro-gun or not, we must remember that it is not the weapon that kills it is the person holding
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