Pros And Cons Of The Declaration Of Independence

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The American Founding The Declaration of Independence is an extended argument justifying the American colonies’ independence from Great Britain. Thomas Jefferson states that all men are created equal right at the beginning of the Declaration; this statement sets up the rest of the Declaration to show how the king was not treating the colonies equal to the people living in Great Britain. The first paragraph states what all free men are entitled to by their Creator and that if any form of government tries to stop free men from trying to obtain those given rights that it is the duty of the people to change or get rid of that government. In the next paragraphs Jefferson writes about the many different ways that the king has infringed upon the colonists rights, and how they have…show more content…
10 Madison says that there are two ways to ensure against factions. The first way he says is to remove the cause of factions and destroy the liberty that is essential to its existence. Madison states that this remedy would be a mistake, like wishing for the annihilation of air which is essential to animal life. The second option is to control the effect of factions by giving every citizen the same opinions, passions, and interests. Madison says that the second option is impracticable because different opinions will always be formed. Therefore, factions cannot be removed without removing liberty or changing human nature. Madison now goes on to describe how the effects of factions might be controlled. He states that in a republic the representatives would be large enough in number to protect against factions. The representatives will be close enough to their home districts that they will have local needs in mind. However, they are also going to understand great and national objects. In Federalist No. 51James Madison tells about the system of checks and balances and by dividing the national government into 3 branches provides protection from one group becoming
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