Pros And Cons Of The Constitution

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As Americans, it is hard to think that the constitution was a “rough draft“. When it was written by the founding fathers, it was implied that it wasn’t perfect. As it was used, it was supposed to be revised and made to adapt so it could become a new and strong form of government. However, if a glance is taken back in history, hardly any revisions have been made. There have only been twenty seven amendments to our constitution to up to the present. As Larry J. Sabato discusses the changes that should’ve been made to the constitution, we learn about a new perspective on the document that our country is based on. What if a few things were changed or revised? Would that benefit our country and help it prosper? Or is the constitution successful the way it is?…show more content…
As a US citizen, I have never really taken a thorough look at the constitution. I have learned about it in numerous history classes, watched multiple movies, and read many books about the legendary constitution. It is placed on such a high pedestal that you would never think that it was “flawed” according to Sabato. If I were to stop and think about it, I know that the constitution isn’t perfect. However, we’d never think of that right off of the bat. After reading this book and seeing a different political view, it has opened my mind to other opinions about the
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