Pros And Cons Of The Canadian Health Care System

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Health Care in Canada Kristi Hawkins Core 1 Topic: The function of the free heath care system in Canada. Specific Purpose: To inform the audience members of the function of a working free health care system highlighting the benefits and issues with free health care. Thesis Statement: While the Canadian health care system has its pros and cons, it is an effective system that provides health care benefits to all of its citizens. Imagine your child coming to you in the dead of the night with a 103 degree fever. Your only thoughts are that you need to get her medical attention. The cost of doctor and hospital fees are not an issue, your concerns are limited to the well being of your little girl. This is because you…show more content…
According to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation the Hospital Insurance Act of 1957 and the Medical Care Act of 1964 enabled a federal-providence cooperation that provided health care coverage for all Canadians. Basically this stated that while the funing is provided for nationally, the providences are make sure that everything is operating correctly. According to a website providing Canadians with information about their health care system, “Canada's publicly funded health care system is best described as a cooperation between the government and its people.” This is key to the health care system being able to work, it has one common goal while it can still be monitored and individualized according to each providence. The government works to provide funding while providences are responsible for hiring and paying doctors and making sure that each family is being provided with sufficient care. Transition: Now that we know why the Canadian health care system has the ability to provide care to all of its citizens we can go over how exactly they do just

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