Pros And Cons Of The BCS

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What Takes the “C” Out of “BCS” Every year around September college football rolls around. You can smell it in the air. The temperature gets colder the leaves start to turn colors and dew is on the grass in the morning. It is the perfect time of year. Although, it seems every year there is a controversy over which college football team is the best and everyone is trying to vote on it instead of having a playoff. This system is called the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). This system is not only flawed, it is a nightmare. Especially since there is so much money involved. With all the greed around the system the Bowl Championship Series is not ethical. The Bowl Championship Series rankings are decided by a collection of many different…show more content…
This happened in 2004 when Southern California (USC), Oklahoma, and Auburn all finished the regular season undefeated. The BCS could only pick two teams to play for the national championship so they chose USC and Oklahoma. Southern California ended up winning the game that game fifty-five to nineteen. A few days before, Auburn played Virginia Tech and beat then sixteen to thirteen. After everything was over Auburn finished the season undefeated from the Southeastern Conference (SEC) arguably the best conference in football and did not even get a chance to win a championship, even though they did everything they possibly could do. College football should get rid of the BCS system and go to a playoff system to decide the national champion. The playoff system should be the top sixteen teams in the country with the teams seeded one through sixteen. The one seed would play the sixteen seed, the two seed would play the fifteen seed, and so on and so forth. This playoff system would be the only fair way to decide the national champion because it would get rid of personal biases and settle the issue on the field rather then at a

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