Pros And Cons Of Raising Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage: To raise or not to raise? Lon Abercrumbie III Devry University: English 112 Composition The state of Illinois currently has a bill at the Senate being discussed on increasing the minimum wage by $2.40. I came across this issue via FaceBook, one of my friends posted a screenshot of the segment being discussed on ABC 7 news. This topic is interesting because I reside in the state of Illinois and will be directly affected by the increase if it does take place. The state of Illinois is considering raising the minimum wage from the current amount which is $8.25 to $10.65. To some that may not seem like a drastic increase but to others it is life altering change. There are two different positions on this topic and a wildcard factor.…show more content…
Also, the current employees who are making the current minimum wage amount ($8.25) will enjoy the dramatic increase to $10.65. There are managers and supervisors who believe that by paying employees a substantial amount of money for the job they do on a daily basis, the overall work environment will receive a bump in morale. Also, citizens whom reside in the state of Illinois tend to think that the term minimum wage is just for young teens in high school or retirees; but what they fail to realize is that a lot of middle class families attain minimum wage jobs and people graduating from college eventually take on a minimum wage until they are able to attain a job in their career field. To many of those in the low to middle class family income bracket in Illinois, increasing the minimum wage would definitely put more money into their pockets therefore allowing them to provide for their families more than the usual. “A survey was taken in Illinois to determine the age brackets of those that receive minimum wage pay, the information that was found was very interesting. At least 84% are at least 20 years of age with only 7% being teenagers who work part time. This means that more than 28 percent of those who would be affected by an increase are parents supporting at least one child” (Izzo,…show more content…
If anything the residents of Illinois are in need of a decrease in taxes and the overall cost of living. I have been in the workforce for 7 + years and I have started from the bottom of the barrel to break into the $10.00+ an hour rate. It really bothers me that this is just being given to others now who have not been around long enough to understand the struggle and pain that others have endured to get them to this current minimum wage amount. Due to the increase in minimum wage, all of the other businesses that are salaried based in the state are likely to get a deduction in pay. One of the main things that employers will have to do in order to make money will be to reduce hours, limit job creation, and increase prices. Many believe the minimum wage jobs are not meant to be a career, they are transitional jobs. Therefore minimum wage employees should receive transitional pay. A vast majority of the employees who attain minimum wage jobs have families that are on welfare, so they may receive Link, W.I.C., and Section 8 living therefore their needs are taken care of if they live within their means. Major corporations like McDonald’s and Walmart will barely be affected by the increase but the small businesses will be a thing of the past and slowly but surely fade away. Some people agree with the increase and others don’t but regardless of which side you

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