Pros And Cons Of Punishment Of The Bush Administration

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We should punish the Bush Administration because of the three reasons I am about to tell you. The first reason is the Bush Administration tortured terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Second reason is that it broke America’s budget. Final reason is it took America to an unnecessary war. I believe the Bush Administration should not have done any of these things because if they had not done this, then we would not be in terrible situation. We would not be broke. None of the Americans would have lost their jobs and we would not be at war still. The first reason as to why the Bush Administration should be punished is because it had tortured terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. In the article “A Body of Inquiries”, Jack M. Balkin wrote that punishment and…show more content…
Since the Bush Administration broke America’s budget, our economy is going down the drain. “With all of the debate about taxes, the economy and domestic spending, it is hard to imagine anyone supporting the notion of taking money from programs like Medicaid and college – tuition assistance, increasing the burden of the vast majority of working Americans, sending the country into a crashing debt.”(Bush Economy 1) “During the Bush years, the two main sources of class mobility – a good job and money for higher education – have increasingly failed…” (Bush Economy 4) “But the share of economic growth that is going toward corporate profits, which flow to stockholders and bondholders.” (Bush Economy 5) If the economy keeps breaking down like it is now then our generation will have to fix it all. Right now our generation is facing a crisis which we will have to fix or else we’ll end up with no money, no job and no shelter and food. Actually the whole world will be broke, not just America; right now there are other countries that layoff people from their jobs. The only reason why those countries are laying off the workers is because America

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