Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

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Tonya Cress Analysis Essay English July 6, 2014 Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana Lately, in the media there has been a lot of controversy about whether or not to legalizing marijuana in the states. While a few states have already legalized marijuana, some are still debating the pros and cons this may cause on communities. Many people are wondering how this would affect daily life, but the real question is would legalizing marijuana be a problem or not? Recent clinical studies have shown that marijuana can actually benefit a person’s health and also is being used to treat certain illnesses including cancer. Marijuana could be used in place of alcohol for recreational purposes. Many believe marijuana poses less of a threat to a person’s health than alcohol would. Also, while smoking marijuana a person may make more logical decisions than they while under the influence of alcohol. (Balanced Politics.Org. Messerli, Joe. In a Nutshell, 2011. Web. 2014) While there are some beneficial factors, there are some cons put into play if marijuana is legalized. Some people are brought up in life to think that marijuana is morally wrong and this will be the belief they may have for the rest of their lives. Also, there will always be people in society that will not obey the laws put in place for the public safety. While legalizing marijuana could lower crime rates of theft; people could be driving under the influence of marijuana and endanger others on the road way. (Legalizing Marijuana. Ruschmann, Paul. 2009. Text. 2014) The biggest most important pro to legalizing marijuana is, no one has died from marijuana. Marijuana could replace a lot of prescription drugs that people become addicted too. THC can be used as a sleeping aid. The only con to this is pharmaceutical companies would have less business. Many people believe marijuana to be a gateway drug. These

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