Pros And Cons Of Indeterminate Sentencing

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Determinate Determinate is a prison term: which is defined by law as a requirement of a specific length of time, imprisonment for a specific and particular crime. You had to the time, you were sentence to do. This sentence came because, some states where rehabilitation was not favor. Our Legislator’s had to refocus on punishment and retribution. With fixed sentence, it left limiting judicial discretions; the fact is it just moved authority to other people who had other interests. It went from judge to prosecutor, then to prison staff then to our Legislators. (CJI, 1995-2004) Indeterminate This is also a prison term: With is indeterminate sentence, carries no specific length or date of release. The typically phrase is…show more content…
This is why, not to crimes are alike: there is intended, motive, and age of the offender. With this in mind, how could determinate/ indeterminate, be fare in sentencing. This is why I think there should not put limits on judicial discretions, all offenders are not alike. . (CJI, 1995-2004) Crack Cocaine vs. Powder Cocaine What is crack cocaine? This drug emerged in the mid-80s. This drug gave an immediate high, it is inexpensive to produce and available to afford. Rock cocaine looks like “rock” and is white to off white and varies in size and shape. The drug is almost always smoked, and comes in large quantities. When a person uses this drug, it can produce an immediate and intense euphonic effect. This is an illegal substance. This is schedule as a Schedule 2 Substance under the Controlled Substance Act. (NDICC) Powder Cocaine Power cocaine (cocaine hydrochloride) powder cocaine is call a stimulant, this drug is take from a leaves of the coca plant. It came from South America in the late 19th century, this was used as a anesthetics. When this drug was used for a long period you built a tolerance to it. You lost that feel from when you first started to…show more content…
This also stays in your system a lot longer. By putting this drug as Substance 2 under the Controlled Substance Act, the feeling was the hush sentence would have slow down the use of it. At the time they did not understand the effect until it was too late. Now the powder cocaine, they use by snorting it, they did get high, but not the same way, this drug they built a tolerance to it. You needed more and more to feel the same as you did when you started before. This also was Substance 2 under the Controlled Substance Act, and under the same sentencing. . (NDICC) Ethical Sentencing is ethical: Of the Fair Sentencing Act, (Lee, 2010) it took a long time to have this law. Within our court systems, there is appeal court, which will handle people that think they are unfairly sentence. This will take some time to happen. We need to have sentencing guideline, to sentences the offender for the right crimes. I believe that sentencing guidelines should play a part in court and corrections. As before, I believe that the guidelines would lean more toward

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