Pros And Cons Of Direct Democracy

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California State and Local Government Direct democracy is a way for average people like you and I to take care of public issues rather than leaving it up to representatives. The main objection to direct democracy is that the general public is a poor position to judge the appropriate actions of government. The public as a whole is not as interested or informed as their elected representatives. Much of the public only has an apparent understanding of most political issues and is likely to be swayed one way or another. Direct Democracy has been practiced in Switzerland, United States and in the New England Town Meetings. At these meetings, which can include all of the voters who live in the town important decisions such as: levying taxes, hiring city officials and deciding local ordinances are made by a majority vote. Some states also provide a modern adaptation of direct democracy for their citizens. As to every political theory or ideology there will always be pros and cons, with Direct Democracy there is a chance of instability or even growth within the states. In America, there are cons to Direct Democracy. A major con to Direct Democracy is that many citizens in America are not aware of the…show more content…
Citizens today want to be better represented which the only way for that is to have Direct Democracy; where every citizen can make their own decisions together about laws. Other citizens aren't even aware of current issue in our country today and that is only one of the many states in our country. Which leads me to believe that Direct Democracy would not work in the United States. The pros and cons show how Direct Democracy could be very effective to both sides. Every single citizen has his or her own opinion to certain issues as well to Direct Democracy. Also, as we know today, when there are elections, they are run by a democrat and a republican and in each election, there is someone who represents
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