Pros And Cons Of Creating Donor Babies

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Should we, as a society, create donor babies? Is it the correct thing to do? How does creating a donor baby affect the child’s life? Does the person getting the donor babies part feel some type of way about this? These are questions you may not hear everyday but if you have one of these so-called “donor babies” in your family it may come up a lot. A donor baby is a baby that genetically engineered and is made to help the sick. For example, in the movie My Sister’s Keeper, Anna Fitzgerald is a donor baby. She knows that she was created to help her sister, cancer patient, Kate Fitzgerald. “Help” meaning that ever since Anna was born doctors have been taking parts out of her, like bone marrows and blood cells to give them to her sister who is in…show more content…
Almost 60% of the people interviewed said they would create a donor baby. 30% said they wouldn’t and the rest did not know. This survey is saying that most of the families with sick family members would create donor babies to care for the sick members.You can only imagine what the children feel like. Unwanted, outcast, different these are probably some of the ways they feel being a donor baby knowing that they were only born to be used. The childrens feeling is another reason why creating donor babies is…show more content…
From the same interview mentioned before the people being interviewed were also asked what their reason to making a donor baby would be 50% said to take care of a sick family member, 40% said to make the perfect baby, and 10% said they don’t know. So most people would create a donor baby for the same reason Sara Fitzgerald of the movie, My Sister’s Keeper. Which is proof that creating donor babies is bad because it did affect Anna’s life it came to a point where she just couldn’t deal with it anymore and asked to be medically

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