Pros And Cons Of Conscription In Australia Essay

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The Conscription Referendum of 1916, led by William Morris Hughes was a debate that divided Australia. There are a number of arguments from both sides that led to the overall decision including that it was giving a blank cheque to the government and it would mainly target the working-class given by the negative side led by Archbishop Daniel Mannix. Though the main argument given by Hughes is that Australia needed to provide more support to the War effort and their mates as it would ensure quicker and speedier victory. Firstly Australia was divided into two parts; those supporting William Morris Hughes that included the RSA, The national press, the Employers Federation and the Liberal opposition. Then there was those who supported Archbishop Daniel Mannix who was opposing the idea; this included the majority of labor voters, most of Hughes' own labor party and most trade unions. More importantly the reason for Conscription was because William Morris Hughes was concerned of the decreasing numbers of recruitment and believed that Australia needed to provide more support to the War. Hughes believed that Australia’s part in the war determined their future;…show more content…
Mannix’s view was that the war was prolonged and it was only a trade war, he argued “Australia had done her share and more than her share” and this was supported by many as the result show in the end. There were also issues with the Irish beliefs on disagreeing to fight for Britain, if the Conscription Act was in place it would create a stir with forcing the Irish to go to war. It was argued that if in place the Conscription Act would take advantage of the working class and there was the big question on whether it would in the end make a difference in the

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