Pros and Cons of Computers in Today's Classroom Essay

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Computers are the wave of today, and certainly that of the future, where more and more careers require technology skills. Some educational institutions have realized the potential of youngsters using technology as a tool, not only to affording them quicker and greater access to information, but also to "jump-start" and aid in their future careers. Clifford Stoll's "On Classrooms, With and Without Computers" seems to strongly oppose using computers as an interactive learning device in the classroom. "Pros and Cons of Computers in Today's Classroom," published by Sherry Jones, illustrates both sides of the debate. Which is the better way? Stoll's article points out two major factors. The first one indicates computer-aided learning deprives students of having an interactive relationship with their teachers. Students need that personal contact to aid in their learning, which is more than computer screen. The best place for youngsters to learn how to communicate is in the actual person, and not with a robotic computer. Students also need to learn how to be disciplined. With the computer, they get none of that. This leads to the second point Stoll makes, which is the suppressing of communicative and interactive skills that not only affects one's ability to learn but also affect how one develops as an Stoll argues that children are feeling less connected to their families and neighborhoods, which is a direct result of spending too much time in front of a computer screen. He points out that virtual reality can never substitute for the real thing. No what a walk through a pine forest feels like(Stoll 263). The computer networks seem to virtual reality as a replacementfor physical

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