Pros And Cons Of Cognitive Development

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Thesis Statement: The wage gap of a minority to a majority is a wide gap by 17%. Cognitive is the one the reason why the gap is at 17%. The federal government should give the school 3% more money. Introduction In a during podcast on Sam Harris’s “Waking Up” , the guest speaker was Charles Murray. Mr. Murray named concluded “ that the black/white difference in IQ must be partly genetic”. However, other academic psychologist believe “ “there is no good reason that the black-white difference between racial groups. and secondly, there is good reason to believe that improving children’s environment will improve their cognitive skills. Cognitive development. There are biological factors affecting cognitive development. Sensory…show more content…
Parents influence their children from childhood towards adulthood. ; genetic influences are maximized at that level to. Eventually children compare their cognitive and behavior effectively. CHildren often enter school with a prejudice views, hover children mimic the learning behavior of others. THEre always of lack social maturity and in their attitude and behavior which reflect their produced there is abnormal development from this experience. Negative stereotyping promotes expectation, axitties anver reaction that affects social and psychological a student. “Blacks and other minorities are also negatively stereotyped in the U.S. The 1990 General Social Survey (GSS) found that 29 % of whites viewed blacks as unintelligent, 45% saw them as lazy, 57% believed that blacks prefer to live off welfare, and 51% believed that blacks are prone to violence (Davis & Smith, 1990).” Schools track children according to their ability, I believe that tracking is discriminatory, it also dives races and redopes positive interact in the classroom, the lunchroom and
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