Pros And Cons Of Christopher Columbus

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Laylana Varrero Honors History 10 Mrs. Hundley October 7, 2013 Columbus: Hero or Villain Most schools teach students that Christopher Columbus wanted to find America and engrave into the students’ minds that he was this amazing hero. Stories of this man are told and retold throughout the world that he was this legendary explorer and navigator and we even have a holiday in honor of him. The world only seems to acknowledge the pros of his voyages but no one takes the time to look at the cons. Columbus was not a hero, at least not to the natives who were living on the land he “discovered”. To call Columbus an explorer is a bit of a stretch because his original purpose was to find India to get spices. Instead of finding India he found North America and in doing so he took it upon himself to take their resources instead of trading like other explorers did before him. With his discovery it eventually…show more content…
He was promised many rewards from his voyages and seeing this as an opportunity he was the one who took all the credit. When one of his sailors claimed to sight land Columbus went and said he spotted light the evening before and raked in the rewards. When they arrived on land all he paid attention to was the riches of the new found land and converting the natives to Christianity. Columbus took a few natives as prisoners just so they could lead him to gold. There are many things that can define someone as a hero or villain. Columbus, indeed, was a hero to Europeans and a villain to the Native Americans. Columbus was greedy, destructive, and a liar. Columbus enslaved many people splitting apart families just to bring them to Europe. He also depleted natural resources and forced Natives to convert against their wills. It can be debated by many people on whether this man is a hero or not but it is for them to decide what Columbus truly is. Columbus is, in my opinion a
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