Pros And Cons Of CT Colonography

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Tradition Colonoscopy or CT Colonography, Which is Right for You? Angi Pirkle, Grand Canyon University NRS-441V: Professional Capstone Instructor: Cheri Church August 11, 2013 Abstract With colorectal cancer being one of leading causes of cancer deaths within the world (Pickhardt, 2011), it is imperative to stress the importance to the patient population, especially those falling into the 50 years old and over category, of screening for disease prevention and health care maintenance. The issue with screening for colorectal cancer is not solely related to the test efficacy as the comparison of traditional colonoscopy and CT colonography can be proven but to the willingness of the patient participation. By offering choices, traditional…show more content…
This in turn only supports CT colonography as a better screening choice for colorectal cancer. The cons listed are bowel preparation for the patient prior to a colonoscopy is considered too harsh and can lead to other health problems, i.e. dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, cardiac irregularity. The evaluation of 49 studies showed positive patient outcomes with the use of CT colonography; however did not go further to mention if any future diagnostic testing was necessary. This is very important information for nurses to pass on to their patients informing them they should always ask more questions. Often times the initial view is pretty but once more light is shed onto it you can see the…show more content…
These test patients were known to have a potential for increased stress or a diagnosis of anxiety related to extensive treatment in addition to the high cost of treatment that insurance may or may not cover. The nurse must be the source of education for not only procedures but medications, resources, and therapies. Stoop, E.M., deHaan, M.C., deWilkerslooth, T.R., Bossuyt, P.M., vanBallegoolien, M., Nio, C.Y., vandeVilver, M.J., Biermann, K., Thomeer, M., vanLeerdam, M.E., Fockerns, P., Stoker, J., Kulpers, E.J., and Dekker, E. 2012. Participation and yield of colonoscopy versus non-cathartic CT colonography in population-based screening for colorectal cancer: a randomized controlled trial. Lancet Oncology Publication, January 2012; 13(1): 55-64. DOI:

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