Pros And Cons Of Banning Assault Weapons

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Assault Weapons Ban I am against the idea of banning assault weapons. I wouldn’t have voted for it. I read the San Francisco Chronicles articles on this matter. In the article Senate Charles Grassley (R of Iowa) made a good point. He mentioned how Feinstein’s previous ban did not prevent, control or stop the Columbine School massacre. Sen. Grassley said “there is "no evidence" that the Feinstein ban would reduce multiple-victim shootings or wounds per victim.” He couldn’t have been more on point. The obvious and biggest problem of the ban assault weapon 2013 is that is violates our right to the 2nd Amendment, the right the bear arms. If this ban would be passed, it will show that in the future, it will be that much easier…show more content…
But the ban is not the answer. It’s not the assault weapons fault. The Bushmaster .223-caliber model XM15 rifle did not walk onto the property of Sandy Hook and kill those innocent children and people, the person did. There are other logical ways to prevent and stop violence. Gun control may be an issue on streets with minors, or people with criminal backgrounds, but it starts with people. There is also a million more cases of rape, aggravated assaults, homicides, pre-meditated murders that carry out with no weapons and our government has little or no bright ideas to put a ban on these sick acts. “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Below are statements given by a few local people who volunteered their opinions but requested to remain anonymous. • “Take away the weapons and we are gonna be in a police state where the government controls everything…have you seen V for Vendetta…that’s what happens when you give the guns and control to the government.” – Male, Age 29, Bronx, NY • “We need assault weapons incase we go into another revolutionary war.” – Male, Age 58, Fleetwood,

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