Pros and Cons About Studying Abroad

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Advantages and disadvantages about studying abroad Do you notice that there is a studying abroad fever around students? China has become the country which export the largest number of students studying abroad. Studying abroad has its own advantages and disadvantages in the following 3 aspects: money, language and opportunity. Studying oversea ‘s advantages can shown in money, language, and opportunity aspects. Firstly,having experiences of oversea study will add credit to your Curriculum Vitae, since you may have learned advanced technology or possess with globe outlook, you would receive a promising job prospective. secondly, studying abroad will equip you with a second language, which is convenient for you to communicate with international friends , travel or even work in a multinational company. Lastly, studying overseas can offer you more opportunities to experience exotic culture and scenery, besides you will have more friends with different cultural background, which would broaden your horizon. Studying abroad has disadvantage in the same aspects as well. Firstly ,the tuition fee is a barrel of money for foreign students, which is not a easy money for most families. Therefore, it may lay a heavy burden on student’s famiy. What is more, language problem bothers most of international students for their language level is not as good as native speakers, it is no doubt that they will dealt with misunderstanding very often. Last but not least, while lost of positive opportunities are offered by studying abroad, there are also negative opportunities ringing off alarm. what worth rising is that some students get addicted to alcohol due to lack of self-control, which ruins their studies. There are advantages as well as the disadvantages in studying abroad in those 3 areas mentioned above . as we can see, it comes down to a personal choice, based on the student’s
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