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The Case Against Tipping By Michael Lewis Pros • It helps the employee with a little bit of gratitude. They feel a little more appreciated. • It makes some customers feel good to give just a little extra. • The employee may not count on tips as part of their wages; it can be considered as a little bonus. • The employee may try a little harder with service, if they believe their receiving a little extra. • It could bring a better attitude to the job that an employee is performing. Cons • An employee could come to expect a tip, which should be up to the customer. • The customer may take offense to someone asking for a tip. • Employers could come to believe that an employee doesn’t need a wage increase due to tips. • It may lead to taxes being taken out of wages due to tips. • An employee may become disgruntled due to receiving an inadequate tip. I believe tipping should always remain in the control of the patron not an employee. I’ve worked as a server. I never counted my tips as part of my wages. It was considered a bonus to me. Tipping could lead to a hike in price due to government interface. The government could decide to taxes tips. Then all the prices will inflate. I believe in tipping an employee, when that employee has provided just a little more than what they were paid to do. If someone who gets me coffee over a counter, maybe I’ll tip. If someone who serves my food and makes sure my glasses isn’t empty, I would definitely tip. It should never be mandatory to tip. The Consequences of “Carnage as Entertainment” By John Ellis Pros • Violent TV was made for adult entertainment. It was created for an adult to escape from their everyday lives without consequences of the actual actions on the TV. • Adults gain a better understanding of what our ancestors went through during times of war. • An appreciation for what was endured and

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