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The type of concert I attended was a symphonic. The songs that were played were called “The Phantom of the Opera Medley”, “Sea Songs”, “ Ye Banks and Braes” O’ Bonnie Doon, The old Grumbly Bear, Semper fidelis, Legend of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, Incantation and dance, Country Gardens, First suite in E Flat for Military Band and Bravura. There a quite a few instruments played which were the flute , oboe , bassoon, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone , trumpet , French horn , trombone, euphonium , tuba and percussion. I believe these are one of the best performers I have ever seen. They put great passion into their music with not one mistake in each song there quality of playing was outstanding they easily could have been the music for some movie, every band could of form that concert. The quality of the songs were great because it seemed like they weren’t just playing just to play, they played with passion and heart and it all just sounded great. I was never board I enjoyed each and every song. Each song kept me interested and awake for once but, two songs caught my eye. Sea songs and Legend of the queen Anne’s revenge. The first one sea songs caught my because first off, it sounded really advanced like something u would have to pay a lot more than five dollars to get in. it had a sort of jolly tune to it and I really enjoyed that. The second song, Legend of the queen Anne’s revenge was just an awesome song to me. The reason why was because it felt like the song was coming alive some how, it would get loud, then real quite, then real loud again. It seemed like it was the music to some kind of action war movie but, a roman empire type of action movie. I enjoyed all the songs but if I had to choose a least favorite I would choose Country gardens. It wasn’t that the song didn’t have any

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