Proprietary Versus Contract Security Essay

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Proprietary Versus Contract Security Dennis Skinner SEC320 November 8, 2011 Ronald Chaney Proprietary Versus Contract Security In this paper the author will present the proprietary versus contract security providing a comparison between the two types, issues that should be considered when choosing the appropriate type of service and the various roles security personnel will provide for the company. In order for the reader to understand the difference between contract and in-house security, we will review the services each offer and the advantages and disadvantages of each type. We will review the security operations as a process, and how education and training have on the industry. We will also review the relationships between our company and how making the right decision will impact the security and image of the company and credibility of the decision makers of our organization. Lastly, we will review and outline the issues and reasoning behind the rationale for choosing the right service for a high-tech international automobile manufacturer. Security managers must make recommendations for the security of the company they work; these decisions play a very important role for the company. Security operations should be a process that’s repeatable and measurable, and choosing between a contract company and in-house security is a major decision that must focus on developing a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership that provides reasonable and adequate protection for employees, equipment, and facilities. A comprehensive security program should comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies, procedures, company security requirements while safeguarding company information and other assets along with any classified/proprietary material entrusted to us by our company, customers, suppliers, and/or the U.S. Government. Eight of
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