Propp's Skazki Essay

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Historical roots of fairy tales Foreword The proposed work is provided with the introductory chapter, and because in the preface can restrict some comments of a technical nature. The book makes frequent reference to the fairy tale, or excerpts from them. These extracts should be considered as illustrative and not as evidence. For example lies more or less common. Analyzing phenomenon should not lead one to two illustrative and all the cases. However, this would reduce the book to a pointer that size would have surpassed all the work. This difficulty could be to bypass links to existing stories or pointers motives. However, on the one hand, the distribution of fairy tales on subjects and subjects on the grounds taken in these indexes are often very arbitrary, on the other hand - there are references to the tales in the book a few hundred times, and you'd have a few hundred times to give references to pointers . All this has forced me to abandon tradition for every lead story room type. The reader will understand that the materials are given samples. The same applies to the examples from the field of customs, rituals, cults, etc. All of the facts - no more than examples, which could be arbitrarily increased or decreased by the examples could be replaced by others. Thus, the book is not reported any new facts, new only establishes a link between them, and her center of gravity of the whole book. Reservation needs to be made as to the manner of presentation. Tale so closely interrelated that, as a rule, no motive can not be understood in isolation. Have to express the same in parts. Therefore, in the early frequent reference books that will be developed more, and the second half - that already described above. The book is a single unit, and it can not be read out of the middle for information on specific grounds. In this book the

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