Proposition 8 Essay

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In recent news, a hot topic has been gay marriage. Specifically the passage if Prop 8 in California during the November 2008 vote. Exactly what Proposition 8 was, is an amendment to the California constitution that would define marriage as between one man and one woman, eliminating the right of homosexual couples to marry. What question I pose about this hot issue, is why did Prop 8 pass in California? Looking deeper into the issue I believe there are a few reasons why Proposition 8 passed. To begin with, I believe a major part of the passage of Prop 8 was due to the massive amount of advertising, money, and propaganda that was circulated during the time of the vote. In total, both sides of the ballot donated 83 million dollars. Of that 83 million, about 28 million was pumped into the causes during the last days of the election (Leff). It is an incredible amount of money to be donated and raised for a ballot initiative and is one of the most expensive in the Nation’s history. Two large donors of not only money but time and manpower were the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints out of Utah, and Focus on Family, an Evangelical Christian Media company out of Colorado. The two alone donated more than $900,000 that went to the Yes on 8 Campaign (Leff). As far as I am concerned, this is probably the most apparent reason why Prop 8 was passed. To continue with, another reason I believe that prop 8 passed in California was because of high voter turnout. As it is well known, the November 2008 vote was a monumental one. The nation elected its first African American president. It is my belief that due to this important election, there were many first time voters and many voters who normally don’t vote. Specifically, the African American community, that is liberal in its views on civil liberties however, conservative on its views of what is morally right

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