Proposal To Legalize Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician Assisted Suicide SOC 120 I chose to write about Physician assisted suicide because this is an area that many people cannot seem to agree on. What many people don’t know is that physician assisted suicide has been around since the beginning of medicine. There are two types of assisted suicide first one is physician assisted which means that a doctor gives the patient the necessary means and the patient does the act alone.…show more content…
Then there are the people who feel that if people who are suffering have the right to stop life sustaining-treatment then why other suffering patients can’t ask physicians to give them life –ending treatments. Physician assisted suicide has been a big debate here in the America. In 1997 the Us Supreme Court said that there is no constitutional right to physician assisted suicide and the State Legistratures may choose if they want to vote to legalize physician assisted suicide then the Oregon board of Pharmacy put in an order requiring physicians to document if this is for an assisted suicide. In 1999 Oregon became the only US state that voted to legalize physician assisted suicide and in January 1998 one doctor announced his or her participation in the assisted suicide act. There are several countries that currently allow one or the other types of physician assisted suicide. Currently since 1941 Switzerland allows physician assisted suicide, in 2002 Belgium permitted Euthanasia but does not define the method and the Netherlands and Columbia allows

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