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Towards Equal Outcomes A survey of the career experiences of graduates with disabilities and employer responses to diversity, University of Limerick, 1997 - 2003 Careers Service Cooperative Education & Careers Division University of Limerick Compiled by Treasa Landers, Careers Advisor Edited by Mary Sweeney, Head of Careers September 2005 Towards Equal Outcomes This report is part of the Careers Support Service for Students with Disabilities offered by the Cooperative Education & Careers Division of the University of Limerick. The Careers Support Service is funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) as part of the Strategic initiatives Scheme. This research project was undertaken in consultation with and funded by FÁS Mid-West Regional Office. The Careers Service acknowledges that ‘graduates with disabilities’ are not a homogeneous group. Disability is unique to the experience of each individual. For the purposes of the survey, there is some categorisation of disabilities. Published by: Careers Service, Cooperative Education & Careers Division, University of Limerick, Limerick, In association with FÁS Mid-West Regional Office. September 2005 The report can be downloaded from: ii Towards Equal Outcomes Foreword Foreword This report looks at the employment patterns of University of Limerick (UL) graduates with disabilities for the period 1997-2003. The findings are based on two surveys conducted by the Cooperative Education & Careers Service between January and March 2005. The survey covers 70 UL graduates with disabilities and 120 employers in the mid-west region. Both surveys consider aspects of disability provision in the workplace from the perspective of both graduate and employer. The focus of the graduate survey is on the transition from third level education

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