Proposal for a New Career Exploration Program for Service Canada Essay

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Proposal for a New Career Exploration Program for Service Canada This proposal is for a new career exploration program for Service Canada office of Cornwall, Ontario. It will examine the use of four standardized assessments in career counseling, then select and budget relevant assessments and resource material. The anticipated client group includes: unemployment recipients (70% recently unemployed due to downsizing), average age is 30-40, 60% female, 20% First Nations, 20% professional immigrants, and an English and French population. To get a fuller understanding of an individual undergoing career counselling, there are four main groups of the psychometric assessments to consider performing, that would be helpful to assisting the individual in their decision process, they are: value scales, interest inventories, personality inventories, and aptitude test. Even though the connection between these four groups of assessment is complex, an easier way to describe the main interrelationships in terms of career assessment is that values measures make it easier to understand fundamental motivators and the cultural context. Interests come from, and can be understood in the context of these fundamental values. If the outcomes of interest measures are vague, for instance if there are two differing veins of interests, the career counsellor can go back to the values outcomes to offer a starting point for choosing between them. The personality and aptitude measures provide the person an examination of their strengths and weaknesses comparative to their interests, if vocational interests are corroborated with the suitable personality and aptitude strengths, then the career options for the person are more clear-cut. If the interests are not corroborated by the recognized personality and aptitude strengths, then it becomes more complex and the discrepancy of the information must

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