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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Study Background Language is an important part of human life. Language is one of the vital factors that differentiate human from other creatures. Trask (1995: 1) states in his book, Language: the Basic: If you were asked to name the trait which most decisively distinguishes human beings from all other creatures on the planet, what would you choose? Love? Warfare? Art and Music? Technology? Perhaps. But most people who have considered this question at length has come up with a single answer: language. It proves that language takes a big deal in human life. Every people all over the world have their own language characteristic to differ one and another. Lehman (1976: 14 in Ristiani 2012: 1) entitled A Study of Military Jargon Used in Saving Private Ryan’s War Movie states that “Language is a system of arbitrary oral symbol by means of which members of a social group interact.” Humans are “social” (Lehman) creatures, so they need someone else to live. Language can be the way to relate them. When using a language to communicate with other people, automatically we produce sounds orally. Subroto (2007: 12 in Muhammad 2009: 27) states that “language is a speech sound sign system which is arbitrary”. In this case, we found that language and sound have a strong relation. Music also produces sounds. Handy Learner’s Dictionary of American English (2000: 268) states “Music is sounds arrangement in patterns, usually with tunes.” For this reason, we can say that art is the language of communication, and this makes language and music have a very close relation. Another reason why music can be said as the language of communication is that music has several parts which are also owned by language. Djohan (2009: 65) in his book Psikologi Musik states that “musical aspects from the language like the line of melody, timbre

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