Proposal For Health Care Essay

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Proposal for Health Care Abstract: This is an outline for my solution for the delivery of health care services to approximately 47 million people who lack health care insurance in the United States. This paper will address the issues of health care delivery, legalities, economics, politics, allocation of services and funding. The health care delivery system here in the Untied States is facing cost a quality problems. There needs to be some type of fundament change to have it remain viable. Whatever form of delivery is chosen by the individual patient though, the goal of the continuing evolution of health care provision and delivery should be to provide better access and quality of care to the American Public. It is important to try to understand the victims involved, both doctors and patients, and the rule on case by case basis. Learning to recognize the fair from the frivolous and continually reviewing ethical standards, for medical professionals is one way to fight malicious malpractice myths. Proposal for Health Care We all dream of the Star Trek version of reality where everyone has a job, a place to live and health care, a place where no one has to do without. This may all be possible but probably not in our generation. What we have to deal with currently is our medical crisis, the American public doing without medical and the cost of that medical. Our society is not built on a utopia no matter how much we wish it to be. No solution is the perfect solution at this time, somewhere or someplace Americans may suffer for the lack of our health insurance. It is ineffective and most Americans have no access to an effective health care system. The current health care system in place consists primarily of the HMOs and the preferred provider. In the most recent years we have seen new partnerships between Health Care Organizations and the companies who service

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